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Casa de los Nietos

Delighted to work again with our friends and prior clients on a new Compound for "Casa de los Nietos" in Tucson, AZ.


The Grandkids House is to be situated in the Catalina foothills,

surrounded by beautiful arroyos, with wild animals wandering north to south on either side of the site.  Javelinas, coyotes, bobcats, and of course many, many desert birds are seen in the arroyos both daytime and nighttime.


The design includes installing action-animated-cameras, so the youngest of grandchildren can watch the animals on screens inside the house, while the older kids can watch the animals from above, or teenagers and adults can go hiking up and down the arroyos on their own.

We found wonderful bunk-beds for overnight get-togethers,

that fold up in the day-time, turning into  desks and storage for art supplies, games, toys, computer storage, and then fold down in the night-time for bunkbeds...


Colorful soft furniture and rugs to be placed throughout for naps, and playtime...


There's a lap-pool for swimming and games. with a slide,  for the kids to run up the stairs, and slide down, and run up the stairs and slide down....


and cool north-south breezes, with shade, shade, everywhere (in the hot Tucson desert) will be readily available for the whole family....under ramadas, trees, and adjacent to building walls...


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