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In 1983, Bob Gaylor (Partner in SBA) and Linda Klosky founded  the Center for Contemporary Arts , the first contemporary and interdisciplinary cultural and performing arts center in Santa Fe.


During Gaylor's and Klosky's leadership (1983-1996) CCA curated and exhibited almost 700 artists and staged over 5100 events.

Gaylor and Klosky developed on State owned property a 142 seat theater, a dance rehearsal theater, and a state of the art performance space, with visual art galleries, a teen center and offices. The Annual budget was approximately one million dollars a year. 


In 1988, Bob Gaylor, Bob Eggers, Suby Bowden, and Chrissie Orr founded the CCA Teen Center, to be a Teen Arts Education Center programmed by the teenagers, and funded by the adults.


The Teen Center received two National Awards from the Clinton Administration for design excellence. Programs included production of a teen newspaper, radio and TV shows,  computers, permaculture classes, theater, dance, performing arts, rock and roll bands, painting, murals, slow food cooking, clothing design, etc.  Later the program changed its name to "Warehouse 21", and continued 30 years later.


Morrow Bowden Architects designed the CCA Teen Center Renovation and Entry Addition,

as well as site planning for the surrounding property. The concept was to design the landscape to reflect the history of New Mexico's relationship to nature, and to also reflect the past as an Armory, with contemporary artistic insertions into the architecture and site environment. 


One year later, and with SBA's design assistance,  the Teen Center was selected in a large public process to recieve a permanent and large public site in the Railyards. Therefore the Teen Center committed to moving off the CCA site and over to the Santa Fe Railyard. The very successful existing railyard Warehouse 21 building was designed by our friends and fellow Architects Ed Mazria and Alexi Dzurec.

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