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Morrow Bowden Architects and Harris Builders designed a 69 unit condominium project to be constructed on the original 1940’s site of the  first theoretical research lab for Los Alamos Laboratories.


Because of the historical significance of the original site, our design was conceived as two tall slender buildings that would preserve the surrounding pine trees and views as a plaqued park for the community.

The site is a very steep slope with  residential neighborhoods below, and the commercial Main Street at the top of the hill.

The neighborhoods have no open space or park land, and a steep climb to the uphill commercial district.

Therefore we designed parking hidden below the building, with an elevator to the top-floor where the seniors could walk out at street level and use the commercial neighborhood above.

The facade of the building was to be covered with porcelain tiles (with abstract images, and occasional photographic images embedded of Los Alamos during the time period of the first labs).

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