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SBA'S Partner Bob Gaylor was also a partner in Peter Muller-Munk + Associates from 1963 to 1971.


We are very excited to announce the "Carnegie Museum of Art" in Pittsburgh opened a large industrial design exhibit  which ran from  November 2015 to Summer of 2016, honouring "Peter Muller-Munk and Associates- PMMA".  


Bob Gaylor was heading the 42 person creative design department, working with hundreds of people including the model shop, marketing, and in the field designers, They were in charge of "Innovation and New Materials". This translated to PMMA and Bob being contacted by US Steel, or PPG Glass, or dozens of other manufacturers, to take newly invented materials, and translate them into new industrial design products.


The following images represent some of the many hundreds of designs Bob produced and carried into fabrication with his strong industrial design team members at PMMA.


The museum worked on the exhibit for 7 years, acquiring furniture, toasters, snowmobiles, silverware, packaging , world's fair exhibits, first sunglasses to turn to shade in the sun, BART cars, locomotives, etc., etc...

they released a book titled "Silver to Steel-the Modern Designs of Peter Muller-Munk" this is all great fun !


Bob returned from Pittsburgh, where he and 10 of his PMMA Associates were all honoured by the Museum. They learned Carnegie thinks they were the most prolific, of the independent industrial design firms, before clients started hiring designers in-house.


But most importantly their process was highly collaborative ... all in one large open room, sharing their work with others, debating, critiquing, and working together as a creative team....

all men and one woman !



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