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Deep in the heart of Dublin,

in the Entertainment and Commercial District, young Irish bicyclists, families and elderly, come home:

to the music, the magic and the sea, to the old and the new.  


As they climb to their roof top, they have  views of the City,

they tend to their food gardens in the greenhouse, where with protection from the rain, they gather with friends, eat, drink, and find health. 


For they live below in beautiful and affordable apartments with reasonable rooms where families can grow over time, in elegant, quiet spaces, with good light, natural breezes and private balconies.


They selected their own individual styles and finishes from a "Designer's Kit of Parts" so each apartment is distinct.


They are artist studios, and homes, just a step away from Temple Bar or Merrion Square. With economy, durability and delight: low utility bills, super insulation, easy management and sustainability.  


They live in good fortune in community with their fellow man....


Design Team:

Devendra Contractor,

Suby Bowden,

Bob Gaylor

Copyright 2023 Suby Bowden + Associates

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