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is the stunning graphic design of the great Michael Motley,

and the bright minds of over 200 people we interviewed throughout Santa Fe County, with 30,000 people surveyed,  to come up with great ideas for how to improve the availability and affordability of  housing throughout the County.


The Planning Team was lead by

Suby Bowden + Associates  with Suby, Bob Gaylor, Sunil Sakhalkar, Jennah Ward, Casey Cronin, Leonor Ritchie

(planning and architecture and design);


RRC + Associates  with Chris Cares, Angela Atkinson, Sarah Brown, Julie Arnette  (for the first Housing Survey Needs Assessment in the County);


Enterprise Community Partners with Ed Rosenthal (for their wealth of information regarding financing opportunities);


Phase One Realty with Bruce Geiss (for his deep knowledge in development feasibility);


Santa Fe County Commissioners and SFe County Housing Commission and SFe County Housing Office - including  Virginia Vigil, Harry Montoya, Jack Sullivan, Paul Campos, Mike Anaya

and Tim Vigil; Director Dodi Salazar, Ron Pacheco, Victor Gonzales, Darlene Vigil, Joseph Guitierrez, Rudy Garcia, Paul Olafson and Agnes Lopez.


Copyright 2023 Suby Bowden + Associates

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