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The "Northwest Quadrant"

planning  project was initiated by

the Santa Fe Mayor

and Santa Fe City Council,


lead by Kathy McCormick,

Claudia Horn of "Design Workshop" and

Suby Bowden of "Suby Bowden + Associates".


SBA partnered with

Design Workshop

and Bohannan Huston,

Louis Berger,

Morris Engineering,

Southwest Archaeological,

Kyle Harwood

and a Team of Dedicated Citizen Activists  in creating the

master plan and design standards

for Santa Fe’s Northwest Quadrant.


The Design Team worked closely with City Staff and with a large community process lead by Carl Moore.


The land, which is one of Santa Fe’s last remaining Spanish Land Grants, is recognized not only for its history, but also for its scenic terrain and natural beauty.


The master plan area is approximately 540 acres in size,

out of which 280 acres will be a future mixed use, live-work green neighborhood

and 260 acres will be natural preserves, open spaces and pedestrian trail networks

for the City and County of Santa Fe.

Copyright 2023 Suby Bowden + Associates

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