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This Santa Fe Civic Housing Authority, SFCHA, project consists of two parcels within the heart of old Santa Fe both along West Alameda, east of Saint Francis Drive, and across from the Santa Fe River. Our team’s intention is to strengthen and revitalize the surrounding West-Side-Guadalupe Historic District neighborhood by designing traditional pedestrian-friendly compounds that link to the surrounding area and give significance to our local sense of place. 1 View From Macaranas Looking Northeast Both parcels will have a mix of one - and two-story buildings that are being designed by our office to weave seamlessly with the historic. The eastern parcel is 1.5 acres in size comprising 42 affordable residential units, 21 buildings, and 31,000 square feet of space. The western parcel is 7.7 acres in size and comprises 97 affordable residential units, 26 buildings, and 92,000 square feet of space.

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