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The Railyard Art Committee is a creation of the Railyard Stewards, to generate, encourage, and support temporary arts in the open spaces of the Santa Fe Railyard.


The idea for the arts program was developed by one of the Railyard Designers Mary Miss in coordination with the Railyard Stewards Team of Gayla Bechtol, Suby Bowden, Sue Sturtevant, Peter Ives, Jenny Parks.     


Mary Miss developed a handbook (pages are shown in the slide-show) which calls for Artists, Musicians, Scientists, Schools, Citizens, Cities, to work together to create art to innovatively see our ecology, and to see our relationships to change in the future. 


Mary's program now continues in New York City and in Santa Fe. The Railyard Art Committee has included Zane Fisher, Bob Gaylor, Lucy Lippard, Juliette Meyers, Dan Namingha, Paula Castillo, Debra Garcia y Griego, Ellyn Feldman, Peter Ives, Bobbi Besold, Ann Nelson, Sandy Brice...


The Railyard is now legally the one public space in Santa Fe where "free-speech" and "improvisational" (un-advertised) art is encouraged, supported.....and does not require a permit...great great news  ! !

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