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SBA produced  3 renovation projects over a 4-year period for the Santa Fe Opera. The first design was the Santa Fe Opera Gift Shop.   The Shop handles about 1000 people in a one-half hour intermission period, as well as before and after performances.      Sales doubled after the renovation.


The second project was a Master Planning project for Richard Gaddes, the Opera's new Director. SBA was asked to re-analyze the plaza landscape and displays. SBA assisted in the design and production of a solar powered sign system (inserted into the existing plaza) that served to light the Opera at night, as well as providing marketing information for the Opera. The final sign system constructed in the plaza was executed by "James Stewart Polshek and Partners" the architects for the entire new campus.


The third project addressed acoustical difficulties between the existing Opera and the highway to the north. SBA hired an acoustical engineer to evaluate and make recommendations to Richard Gaddes for future construction.

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