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The Tree House is currently an Un-Built Project, conceived energetically through a collage of  images of other landscapes and other architect's buildings. we honour and thank the architect's, whose images we have collaged.


The collage technique was created for a shorthand discussion with the owner, of likes and dislikes, prior to the beginning sketches for the new treehouse design.


The project is to be built on a tall pinion hillside overlooking Santa Fe.


The owner wishes for the house to allow daytime, sleeping and waking,  

to enable him to open windows and doors to see, hear, smell, and feel the natural world surrounding the house.


The uphill side of the house will be touching the ground.


The downhill side of the house will be floating over the canyon below.


Cars will be parked below the house,

and stairs will lead up into the house.


The primary feeling of the house will be a tall slender tree house nestled into the forest, firmly attached to the ground and rocks below, while  looking out and watching ravens fly by.

Copyright 2023 Suby Bowden + Associates

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